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Once you identify wait events due to contention in the system, you need to remove the bottleneck. Of course, this is easier said than done in the short run. You may be able to fix some contention problems right away, whereas you may need more time with others. Problems such as high db file scattered read events, which are due to full table scans, may indicate that the I/O workload of the system needs to be reduced. However, if the reduction in I/O requires creating new indexes and rewriting SQL statements, obviously you can t fix the problem right away. You can t add disks and rearrange objects to reduce hot spots right away either. Similarly, most latch contention requires changes at the application level. Just make sure you don t perform a whole bunch of changes at once you ll never be able to find out what fixed the problem (or in some cases, what made it worse).

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The trick, as usual, is to go after the problems you can fix in the short run. Problems that you can fix by changing the memory allocation to the shared pool or the buffer cache you can easily handle almost immediately by dynamically adjusting the cache values. You can also take care of any changes that concern the redo logs right away. If you notice one or two users causing a CPU bottleneck, it may be a smart idea to kill those sessions so the database as a whole will perform better. As you know, prevention is much better than a cure, so consider using the Oracle Database Resource Manager tool ( 11 shows you in detail how to use the Database Resource Manager) to create resource groups and prevent a single user or group from monopolizing the CPU usage. If intense latch contention is slowing your database down, you probably should be setting the CURSOR_SHARING initialization parameter s value to FORCE or SIMILAR to ameliorate the situation. Most other changes, though, may require more time-consuming solutions. Some changes may even require major changes in the code or the addition or modification of important indexes. However, even if the problem isn t fixed immediately, you have learned your craft, and you re on the right path to improving instance performance. Although I ve discussed various methods and techniques that use SQL scripts to analyze instance performance, try to make the OEM Database Control (or Grid Control) the center of your database performance monitoring, and use Oracle s powerful tools, such as the ADDM, to save time. The AWR and ASH reports are also highly useful when searching for root causes of performance problems.

he Oracle data dictionary is the heart of the Oracle database management system. The data dictionary holds all the necessary information for Oracle to verify users, objects, privileges, and roles in the database. Understanding the data dictionary well is of paramount importance for an Oracle DBA. The first part of this chapter discusses the important static data dictionary views with which every DBA should be familiar. The second part deals with the equally important dynamic performance tables, which underlie instance management and performance tuning of the database. All database monitoring, whether manual or GUI-based, relies on the data dictionary and the dynamic performance views to provide an accurate picture of how the database is performing. The dynamic performance views capture all the important indicators of instance performance, including I/O rates, memory, hit ratios, and wait statistics.

I set up procmail to receive specially formatted mail messages specifying files to retrieve or commands to be run on the remote machine, and to have the results returned to me through e-mail To make this work I sent all my e-mail to procmail The method depends on your e-mail system My systems used sendmail and my explanations in this chapter assume this, but the concepts should apply to other mail systems as well I first created a forward file in my home directory that would pipe all my mail to procmail This is the content of that file:.

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